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The Relationship Revolution: A Case Study on TechCompany X's Onboarding Success

Updated: Feb 22

In the world of technology, where the pace of change is rapid, companies often grapple with employee retention. While competitive salaries and benefits play a significant role, the importance of a comprehensive and inclusive onboarding process cannot be overlooked. A case in point is TechCompany X, a leading name in the tech industry.

The Challenge: 

TechCompany X, despite its impressive reputation and offerings, faced a retention rate of 70%. Although this might seem commendable to many, for a frontrunner like TechCompany X, it posed a concern. The root of the problem? A lack of personal connection during the initial stages of employment.

The Strategy: 

Understanding the criticality of the situation, TechCompany X revamped its onboarding strategy, placing emphasis on relationship-building activities.

  • Buddy System: New hires were paired with "buddies" – experienced employees who could mentor and guide them through the intricacies of their initial months. This system wasn’t merely about answering work-related queries; it fostered a deep sense of belonging and eased the transition phase.

  • Lunch and Learn: The company introduced a novel initiative, "Lunch and Learn." Here, seasoned employees and new recruits came together, bonding over lunch while delving into various facets of the company. This dual-edged approach facilitated relationship-building and expedited the knowledge transfer process.

The Outcome:

The results were staggering. Within a year, TechCompany X saw its employee retention rate skyrocket to 85%. The new onboarding initiatives were met with overwhelming positivity, with fresh recruits reporting heightened levels of job satisfaction.


TechCompany X's case study underlines the pivotal role of relationships in the corporate world. It's not just about getting the job done; it's about creating an environment where employees feel valued, connected, and empowered.

If you're looking to revamp your onboarding process or wish to explore strategies to bolster employee retention, the experts at 100E Ventures are here to guide you. With a rich repository of insights and a passion for innovation, we can help you create a robust employee-centric strategy.


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